Why SpOfferZ?

How can SpOfferZ help you?

  • SpOfferZ is FREE for the merchant to add an offer (and always will be free)
    • YOU get to choose what to offer
    • Your offer doesn’t have to be 2 for 1 or 50% off, but we ask that you offer some discount or value added
    • Your offer can be local, statewide or nationwide
    • All we require is that you honor your offer or coupon
    • Your offer or coupon will stay on the site for 90 days before being deleted
    • You can have it expire sooner if you prefer
    • Once your offer or coupon expires or is deleted, you are allowed to add another offer for free
  • SpOfferZ is FREE for the visitor to download, print and use the coupon
    • Visitors get to vote on your offer and the more popular SpOfferZ will get placed higher on our site
    • Visitors will be encouraged to promote your offer on their Social networking sites
    • We will also promote your offer or coupon on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • It’s simple to place your SpOffer
    • Just register
    • Once registered you will be sent to the form to add your SpOffer
    • First time posters will have their coupon or offer held until approved by a moderator

SpOfferZ is not like other coupon or daily deals sites who they tell you how much you have to discount and then take half of your sale.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. It could be a win-win for us both.

Please note: Spofferz and services included on the Spofferz.com site do not constitute or imply endorsement. The name Spofferz.com on any Spoffer or ad on this site does not imply endorsement or is necessarily representative of our views. Spofferz.com is providing advertising for other companies in routine course of its business of providing and selling advertisements to 3rd parties.

Every attempt is made by Spofferz.com to ensure that the Spofferz represented on our Spofferz.com site are accurate and reliable. Spofferz.com is not responsible for the content or reliability of any Spoffer on this site. Spofferz reserves the right to delete or refuse a Spofferz for any reason or no reason.

If you have an inquiry or experience any problems with these Spofferz please email us

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