Who We Are and What We Believe

As a company…

We are not just another coupon company. We are a dedicated to helping businesses like yours reach new consumers and increase repeat business.

SpOfferz™ LLC strives to find the best possible mix of SpOfferz for our visitors. Not only do our visitors find great values here, but the companies that provider the SpOfferz™ will also benefit from new customers.

SpOfferz™ LLC promises to work with honesty and integrity in all that we do. We continually strive for excellence and look for ways in which we can better serve our customers and visitors. In order to do this, we commit to go the extra mile to ensure we are doing what is “right “ in every aspect of our business. Though we always are seeking to reach for the stars, we never compromise our values in order to reach these goals. In addition SpOfferz™ LLC believes that there are many wonderful and deserving charities. As a result, we pledge to make charitable contributions to benefit worthy causes.

Who Is Behind SpOfferz?

Our Mission Statement

Spofferz.com was created to provide a low cost, high impact-advertising venue for companies to share their coupons and offers with their buying public.

  • It is our belief that giving businesses an even playing field for advertising will be of benefit to both the consumer and the business.
  • It is our goal to help increase patronage and name recognition for each company that uses this site-thereby increasing customer traffic and bottom line sales.

Please note: Spofferz and services included on the Spofferz.com site do not constitute or imply endorsement. The name Spofferz.com on any Spoffer or ad on this site does not imply endorsement or is necessarily representative of our views. Spofferz.com is providing advertising for other companies in routine course of its business of providing and selling advertisements to 3rd parties.

Every attempt is made by Spofferz.com to ensure that the Spofferz represented on our Spofferz.com site are accurate and reliable. Spofferz.com is not responsible for the content or reliability of any Spoffer on this site. Spofferz reserves the right to delete or refuse a Spofferz for any reason or no reason.

If you have an inquiry or experience any problems with these Spofferz please email us

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