Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SpOffer?

A SpOffer™ is a Special offer or coupon that you may print at your convenience and take along with you to the business to get a special deal.

Does it cost anything to join this site?

No, signing up for this site is absolutely FREE. – Sign up for the RSS feed and be the first to know about all of the new SpOfferz™ in your categories of interest.

Is Free Really Free?

Absolutely YES! SpOfferZ™ was designed to be a couponing site with a twist. EVERY company will always get ONE ABSOLUTELY free SpOffer™ (Coupon).

We realize that in this day of potential scams and “free” things turning out to cost you large amounts of money that some healthy skepticism is a good thing. It is our promise to you that every company with a valid Spoffer (coupon) will receive ONE absolutely free Spoffer every thirty days.

How can I add my FREE SpOfferz?

Simply click on the link on our main page the reads “Register your business”. Register your company and watch for the confirmation link to appear in your email. Click that link, login and then click on “Add Your Free SpOffer™.

Can I have more that one SpOffer running at a time?

We also have premium memberships that will allow for more than one SpOffer™ at a time as well as premium placement for your SpOffer™. See our Price List for those rates.

Can I delete my SpOffer and add a new one?

Yes, on your SpOffer right below the title you will see a delete link if you are logged in. I you are not logged in you can login here. Click the “delete” link and say yes to “are you sure”. Your SpOffer™ will be deleted and you can add another, but be careful because there is no undo for this.

How can I get my SpOffer at the top of the list?

The best way is to have a SpOffer™ that our visitors like, so they vote for your SpOffer™ and move it to the top of the rankings.

As always, we would love to hear from you! If you have any new SpOfferz ideas or categories that you would like to see SpOfferz include please e-mail us at info@SpOfferz.com. We thank you for your business and look forward to providing you with fantastic SpOfferz to save you both time and money.

Please note: Spofferz and services included on the Spofferz.com site do not constitute or imply endorsement. The name Spofferz.com on any Spoffer or ad on this site does not imply endorsement or is necessarily representative of our views. Spofferz.com is providing advertising for other companies in routine course of its business of providing and selling advertisements to 3rd parties.

Every attempt is made by Spofferz.com to ensure that the Spofferz represented on our Spofferz.com site are accurate and reliable. Spofferz.com is not responsible for the content or reliability of any Spoffer on this site. Spofferz reserves the right to delete or refuse a Spofferz for any reason or no reason.

If you have an inquiry or experience any problems with these Spofferz please email us

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