How SpOfferZ works

It’s free to add your SpOffer™. Any business can register with us for free and add one free coupon or special offer. Each SpOffer™ will expire and be automatically deleted in 90 days from it’s posting. Merchants have the option adding a different expiration date or no expiration at all, but in any case in order to keep our service current and accurate all SpOfferZ™ will be deleted in 90 days.

If you prefer to change your offer more frequently you can delete your old SpOffer™ manually. If you are logged in you will see a “delete” link on your offer page. Once your page is deleted you are allowed to add another free SpOffer™. Merchants can only have one free SpOffer™ at a time.

Important – Once you delete your SpOffer™ it’s gone. There is no “undo”

Our only request is that your 0ffer gives our visitors something that will make them want to try your product or service. Something of value. Self serving or strictly promotional SpOfferZ™ will not be considered.

We also have premium memberships that will allow for more than one SpOffer™ at a time as well as premium placement for your SpOffer™. See our Price List for those rates.

When you first register as a merchant you will be taken to a page where you can add a user name and email. A password will be emailed to you. Once you login with your new password you will go to a page where you can enter more company information and change your password to something you can remember. Click “Update User” and your new password will be saved. Then Click the “Add Your SpOffer™ link.

After you have added it, don’t forget to rate your SpOffer™ and share it with your friends and customers. Just click the “Share this SpOffer™” button on every one.

Visitors will be able to print SpOfferZ™ and take them to the merchant for redemption. Visitors will also be able to vote for the SpOfferZ™ of their choice and the more popular the SpOffer™ the higher they will move up in the search rankings. The highest ranking SpOfferZ™ will appear in several prominent places in our site.

Visitors can also subscribe to our RSS feeds for the entire site or any individual category. That way our visitors will know as soon as a new SpOffer™ is posted in a category they are interested in.

We are very interested in your thoughts about this site. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like and if you have any ideas on how we can improve to serve you better. Please drop us a note and let us know.

Please note: Spofferz and services included on the Spofferz.com site do not constitute or imply endorsement. The name Spofferz.com on any Spoffer or ad on this site does not imply endorsement or is necessarily representative of our views. Spofferz.com is providing advertising for other companies in routine course of its business of providing and selling advertisements to 3rd parties.

Every attempt is made by Spofferz.com to ensure that the Spofferz represented on our Spofferz.com site are accurate and reliable. Spofferz.com is not responsible for the content or reliability of any Spoffer on this site. Spofferz reserves the right to delete or refuse a Spofferz for any reason or no reason.

If you have an inquiry or experience any problems with these Spofferz please email us

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